Choose Life 5K

This race is a run/walk supporting pregnancy resource centers in the Tarrant County area who provide hope for moms and babies in unplanned pregnancies.

The Choose Life 5k is organized by a group of evangelical churches in Tarrant County.


The proceeds from the Choose Life 5k will go to support the work of all Tarrant County area faith-based pregnancy resource centers, but principally our resource center 5k partners:

Arlington-Mansfield Pregnancy Center

Grace House Ministries

Pregnancy Lifeline

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic

Partnering Churches

The Choose Life 5k is being hosted by four churches in Tarrant County:
121 Community Church of Grapevine
Christ Chapel Bible Church of Fort Worth
McKinney Church of Fort Worth
Pantego Bible Church of Fort Worth

We affirm the following regarding life and abortion.

  • Every human being has significant value, being created in the image of God.
  • Every child, regardless of disability, socio-economic status or desirability has a right to life.
  • Every person, Christian or not, has the responsibility to protect the lives of the innocent and vulnerable.
  • Abortion adversely affects not only unborn children but mothers, fathers, families and communities.
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to bring hope and healing to those affected by abortion.


“What a joy to see thousands of runners of all ages come together on the banks of the Trinity as funds and awareness were raised to empower more women and families to find hope and choose life for their unborn children!”

Jeanne Mullen, Executive Director Pregnancy Lifeline